Bountiful Deeds That Don't Go Unnoticed...

Most people can't remember who the 27th President of the United States was, or who invented the paperclip. But most people will never forget a teacher, childhood friend, or librarian: that person who committed a selfless act and, even if for just a moment, affected the way they saw the world.

It's no surprise that Mario González, Library Director, has been given many awards for his notable achievements and community focused programs. He has been appreciated with awards like the True Leader Award from the Mayor of Passaic, the Appreciation Award from the Passaic Senior Center, NJ, the Eleanor Roosevelt Community Service Award for Service to the Homeless (1989) and Brooklyn Borough President Award for Serving People with Disabilities (1998). In addition to recognition from his service communities, Mario has also continually received the gratitude of his staff and community partners.

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